Stream mp3s to my audio system

Like most of us I have a large collection of mp3 songs on multiple hard disks on multiple PCs. And though a notebook is used here to watch movies on the big television, the facility to play mp3 files on my (I know, on my old but o so good sounding selfbuilt Wharfedale 5 loudspeakers) required a PC turned on and connected close to the amplifier. I found an excellent solution in the Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic device. Wireless audio streaming is what this device does. Nothing more (ok, internet radio also). Small, with a remote control, with good sound (mp3 and good … Continue reading Stream mp3s to my audio system

The school of Niklaus Wirth: The Art of Simplicity

Got myself an excellent book on the Art of Simplicity. Niklaus Wirth designed programming langauages like Pascal and sequels like Modula-2 and Oberon.  His style and dedication to simplicity in a clear writing and presentation style made a great impression on me. This book gives unique insites in what has happened and is still happening in the school of Niklaus Wirth. Excellent book! From the book’s advertisement:  Niklaus Wirth is one of the great pioneers of computer technology and winner of the ACM’s A.M. Turing Award, the most prestigious award in computer science. he has made substantial contributions to the … Continue reading The school of Niklaus Wirth: The Art of Simplicity