Vakantie 2008: Turkije rondreis

Dit jaar zoek ik het eerst wat dichterbij huis, het wordt in juni de rondreis¬†langs antieke steden¬†¬†en door de natuur van Turkije.¬† 1e dag – Amsterdam-Antalya 2e dag – Perge en Aspendos Perge is een Romeinse stad, waar met name het theater en het stadion goed bewaard gebleven zijn. In Aspendos ligt het best bewaard gebleven Romeinse theater van Turkije.¬† 3e dag – Konya-Cappadoci√ę Cappadoci√ę is beroemd vanwege haar vele grotwoningen. 5e dag – Ankara 6e dag – Istanbul Moskee Sultan Achmet, de kathedraal Aya Sofia en het hippodroom. 7e dag – Istanbul Topkapipaleis en aan enkele bazaars.¬† 8e dag … Continue reading Vakantie 2008: Turkije rondreis

Driver hell: I hate my lazy system manager

I have been plagued for weeks now with a mystery I could not solve: Photoshop Elements 6 works on all my PC’s except the notebook I use at work. Switching from Full to Quick Edit or to the Organizer and the damned program crashed. And on even my old and humble desktop PC’s no problems …. Now is giving up not one of my strongest points. I manage my own notebook so to work: removing apps that may interfere (codexes, Nero) did not help. Cleaning th registry did not help, it even made the PC unstable . I even went … Continue reading Driver hell: I hate my lazy system manager

Made in Italy, Giorgio Locatelli

What a beautiful book! A treasure chest filled with the secrets of Italian cooking. In this exquisitely designed and photographed volume, Britain’s favourite Italian chef brings forth the work of a lifetime: combining old Locatelli family stories and recipes with the contemporary must-have dishes from his celebrated London restaurants. ‘I am an Italian chef who has cooked in Paris and come of age in London,’ says Giorgio Locatelli. ‘Innovative, imaginative food is what people expect from me, but everything I do has its roots in classical, regional Italian cooking.’ This is the book that fans of Locatelli have been waiting … Continue reading Made in Italy, Giorgio Locatelli

Triode radio tube: do it yourself

In these days of¬†hitech electronics we have lost the ability to manufacture our own components.¬† Too complicated, too expensive and not worthwhile, because there is a mass production¬†facility doing it for you. Building your¬†own equipment of standard components is also becoming rare, the chinese factories do that for us. I have personally done nothing with tubes, it started with transistors for me (Philips Pionier!). Fascinating early electronic technology, and audiophiles still listen to tube amplifiers. Why this fascination for tubes now? I found an instruction video how to make your own triode, one of the most simple tubes, but requirig … Continue reading Triode radio tube: do it yourself

Philips EE8 jigsaw puzzle

I spent a nice Saturday afternoon doing a puzzle. Now are the days of me laying jigsaw puzzles for fun long ago, in fact, I don’t like the tension at¬†the end of all the hard work that one piece is missing. This one is a bit different, a jigsaw puzzle made by Philips (1974 I assume due to the writing on the envelope) of the front of my beloved EE8 electronic engineer kit. 172 pieces, so even I could endure the tension and finish it. Of course one piece went missing and turned up underneath the carton plate. So here … Continue reading Philips EE8 jigsaw puzzle

USB, Firewire, etc travel kit

Always looking for the right USB cable? Or Firewire? I think the designers of the USB specification made a mess of it. So many variants, small, big, large, male and female, it looks like the United Nations. And as in the UN often the right connection can not be made … So a universal connection kit would be the solution. I bought the TravelEasy Cable bag to¬†fight the¬†cable¬†disorder.¬† ¬† Recently I found a nice Hongkong based webshop¬†DealExtreme,¬†with those cheap chinese made gadgets that can be so handy. Most Hongkong shops, especially selling on ebay, have these items for very low … Continue reading USB, Firewire, etc travel kit