Video of balloon trip Yangshou

Part of my traveling in China, september 2007, was a balloon trip. Here you can see a Youtube low quality video of the experience  With Xvid and Virtualdub I also made a video file in much higher quality (but still lower than the original). Size is 20 Mb so it may take a while on slower connections. Photo’s of the balloontrip are in the photo web gallery. Continue reading Video of balloon trip Yangshou

MSX Info Pages and FUNET archive have a new home

The info on MSX, that I keep online since 1998 (yes, it will be 10 years soon!), has found a new home. The domain is now mine, and I have used to store the MSX Info and added the FUNET archive to it. The main site forwards visitors to there. This was the opportunity to move from hand-coded html to a CMS, so this is a CMS Made Simple based site now, with a heavily adapted theme (white, blue, no extravaganza). No real new content except the FUNET commented archive lists. The Search function will proof to be … Continue reading MSX Info Pages and FUNET archive have a new home

easyPROP Propeller Evaluation board

Amazing, thats is the first thing one thinks when seeing a new processor like the Propeller made by Parallax. I was triggered to look it this when WISclub friend Franz Achatz showed his new easyPROP design. easyPROP is a low priced high quality Propeller based evaluation board equipped with: Ethernet Interface SD Memory VGA and composite Video and Audio PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse Xbee connector USB Interface 28 I/O ports What is so special about the Propeller processor? Clock Speed DC to 80 MHz 32K RAM / 32 K ROM, accessible by all cogs as a mutually-exclusive resource through the … Continue reading easyPROP Propeller Evaluation board