Video of balloon trip Yangshou

Part of my traveling in China, september 2007, was a balloon trip. Here you can see a Youtube low quality video of the experience  [youtube:] With Xvid and Virtualdub I also made a video file in much higher quality (but still lower than the original). Size is 20 Mb so it may take a while on slower connections. Photo’s of the balloontrip are in the photo web gallery. Continue reading Video of balloon trip Yangshou

easyPROP Propeller Evaluation board

Amazing, thats is the first thing one thinks when seeing a new processor like the Propeller made by Parallax. I was triggered to look it this when WISclub friend Franz Achatz showed his new easyPROP design. easyPROP is a low priced high quality Propeller based evaluation board equipped with: Ethernet Interface SD Memory VGA and composite Video and Audio PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse Xbee connector USB Interface 28 I/O ports What is so special about the Propeller processor? Clock Speed DC to 80 MHz 32K RAM / 32 K ROM, accessible by all cogs as a mutually-exclusive resource through the … Continue reading easyPROP Propeller Evaluation board