Multics source published

From slashdot! The source code of the MULTICS operating system (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service), the father of UNIX and all modern OSes, has finally been opened. Multics was an extremely influential early time-sharing operating system and introduced a large number of new concepts, including dynamic linking and a hierarchical file system. It was extremely powerful, and UNIX can in fact be considered to be a ‘simplified’ successor to MULTICS. The last running Multics installation was shut down on October 31, 2000. From now on, MULTICS can be downloaded from an official MIT site (it’s the complete MR12.5 source dumped … Continue reading Multics source published

Retro website and forum, CMS Made Simple and PHPBB2

I like small computers, especially the SBC (Single Board Computer) type. These SBC’s give you a direct contact with the hardware, simple enough to understand all what is happening. It once started with the KIM-1, a true SBC of the early days. So in my collection the SBC’s, especially the 6502 based, have a special place. Junior, Micro-KIM, Apple 1 Replica, A-ONE, all variations on that theme. The domain gives me nearly unlimited access to subdomains, so I combined my love for SBC’s and my love for web publishing: the url  host a site devoted to the SBC. Build with … Continue reading Retro website and forum, CMS Made Simple and PHPBB2