Looking for a Xmas gift?

It is always hard to find a gift, unique and surprising! On geeks.com I found this, the USB powered greenhouse! Not that this is of any practical use, who keeps his PC running 24×7 to grow plants? Ah, I hear the dutch think: grow cannabis (for your own personal usage … ūüôā ) at the office! So ask one for Sinterklaas. A real geek will of course order a USB powered Plasma ball! So boys, this is what I want for my birthday…. But please, not a USB powered aquarium! Filled with real water and plastic fishes. Continue reading Looking for a Xmas gift?

A-One, another Apple 1 clone

There are several Apple 1¬†clones made! The Replica-1 by Vince Briel is the first to apply modern¬†components to replace the hard to get and therefore expensive components, like the Signetics 2513 and such, with modern microprocessors ¬†emulating the terminal part. I found another one, with a dutch background, manufactured and sold by Achatz Electronics, the A-One. The design of this clone is similar: the terminal part is replaced by (this time two) microcontrollers, for video and serial interface. Some differences between the two designs: The A-one is even more compact, less IC’s Has a real Apple 1 slot instead of … Continue reading A-One, another Apple 1 clone

Cheap TCP/IP Ethernet on one IC: W5100

A full TCP/IP implementation on a cheap IC? Yes, it is available. The Korean company WIZnet produces an IC with the name W5100 that implements a full TCP/IP stack, easy to interface to a microcontroller as a peripheral or via SPI. Perfect for controllers from AVR for example.¬†And¬†the interface is¬†also suitable for our beloved old microprocessors like the Z80 and the 6502. WIZ810MJ is a simple module, a PCB with the W5100 IC and a RJ45, you get microcontroller and SPI Interface, Auto MDIX/MDIX¬†network status indicator LEDs – FDX, TX, RX, LINK, Collision¬†, and TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, … Continue reading Cheap TCP/IP Ethernet on one IC: W5100

SAP Teched, Munich

Just back from a visit of several days in Munich, SAP Teched. All about SOA (Enterprise SOA as SAP calls their way of doing it). Now I have been to many Microsoft Techeds and Gartner symposia¬†, and that is¬†always¬†a fun experience. I did not expect that¬†much fun of solid, serious, boring SAP AG, but I am pleasantly surprised.¬†Of course they do copy the Microsoft Teched experience, including the party at the last night¬†¬†(Microsoft did stop with that btw) and a keynote thats should bring about enthusiasm and cheering devoted followers Well, of course¬†it is SAP, a German company with serious … Continue reading SAP Teched, Munich

Apple 1 Replica

All of us older computer geeks know that before selling Macs, Apple founders Steve Wozniak (the genius) and Steve Jobs (the ¬†greedy business man) had a lot of success with the Apple ][ or Apple 2 or whatever marketing tricks were done with the name of that remarkable personal ¬†computer. The 2 in the name suggest there was a Apple 1 and yes, there were a very limited numbers of boards sold (200 or so, 50 or o survived time, so its a valuable collectible)¬† branded Apple 1 in the 1976-77 time-frame. It has video on board and accepts input … Continue reading Apple 1 Replica