Micro-KIM has arrived!

To be honest, the Micro-KIM arrived the day after I went east for my China visit. Together with a 32K RAM expansion, as you can see on the picture. I have been playing with it the last days and it sure is fun to have a KIM-1 experience again. It feels like 1977 again.   I have run some simple terminal based games  Microsoft KB9 Basic and Focal. The serial interface was irritating in 1977 and it still is 😉  More about this retro pionier computer at my Micro-KIM page. Continue reading Micro-KIM has arrived!

Hongkong, quite a city

Sorry, it has been two quiet weeks now. The good news: traveling in China is fun, the bad news is, it is nearly over. Now in Hongkong, tomorrow the plane leaves for Amsterdam. Enough to see here, I made thousands of photos and several hours of video are taped. No access the last two weeks from mainland Chinato the blog alas, the Chinese have a firewall installed that blocks many websites, including mine. More this weekend! Continue reading Hongkong, quite a city