Away, in the footsteps of Marco Polo

I am away now, to China. The grand old duke of York He had ten thousand men He marched them up to the top of the hill And he marched them down again And when they were up they were up And when they were down they were down And when they were only half-way up They were neither up nor down  Update on september 13th: Hongkong, one more day … Continue reading Away, in the footsteps of Marco Polo

XAMPP, WAMP in one package

Apache, MySQL, PHP. A powerfull combination, driving many websites from small to very large. Most Content Management Systems are based upon this platform. While researching CMS packages I was getting annoyed by having to test it on my test website out in the open. It always takes some time to quickly change and drop back to another version, all by ftp. Nice to access it via a local file system and a local server. And this way avoid the dangers of online unsecured test systems, spyware etc. Now I was not waiting for the workload of installing an AMP server … Continue reading XAMPP, WAMP in one package

Musical roots: Eric Burdon and the Animals

  When I was young   The rooms were so much colder then My father was a soldier then And times were very hard When I was young, when I was young I smoked my first cigarette at ten And for girls I had a bad yen And I had quite a gall When I was young When I was young it was more important They’d more pain but they laughed much louder yeah When I was young, when I was young I met my first love at thirteen She was brown and I was pretty green And I learned … Continue reading Musical roots: Eric Burdon and the Animals

Content Management Systems

I have evaluated several CMS systems the last weeks. Ranging from (too) simple to sophisticated and state of the art. Here are my conclusions on the systems worth a second look (or not!) CMSimple CMS too simple? As the name says: simple. Only to be used for the most simple of sites, with 2 or 3 pages. Requires only PHP. The actual pages of the site are stored in one html file. Slow in usage. Has an awkward way of adding pages, that also automatically turn into a multilevel menu, alphabetically sorted only. Quite buggy. The developer is not very … Continue reading Content Management Systems

Dyno torch or ‘knijpkat’

Always handy, a pocket torch when it is dark and the power is down. Of course, at that moment the battery of the tortch is always empty. So I got myself a very old type of device, in a new incarnation: a dyno torch! Just press the handle several time and the two bright white LEDs start to shine. Keep on pushing and the builtin battery is recharged, so light for free and at the right time! Continue reading Dyno torch or ‘knijpkat’

New kits on the site

On the website you can now admire two new kits in my collection: The Philips X40 kit, only published in the UK in the 70ties The ITT Elektronik Experimenters kit, for teaching on schools. These two kits are not the usual Philips type of kits I have collected. The construction mechanism is quite different, more the pin to pin with cables (ITT) or fixed connections (X40) . The X40 has the usual collection of fun electronics, from alarms to radio. The ITT kit is more serious and aimed at studenst learning the basics of electronics. Of course it is mounted … Continue reading New kits on the site