China: In de voetsporen van Marco Polo

Het is zover, de reis is vastgelegd. 29 augustus vertrek ik met Djoser voor 17 dagen naar China! Het programma: Amsterdam – Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai, nachttrein naar Beijing Beijing, Grote Muur en Zomerpaleis Xian, excursie terracottaleger Xian, vlucht naar Guilin – Yangshuo Yangshuo Yangshuo – Guilin, nachttrein naar Guangzhou Guangzhou, boot naar Hongkong Hongkong Hongkong – Amsterdam Continue reading China: In de voetsporen van Marco Polo

Musical roots: the Soft Machine

My musical taste is rather wide, but some musicians and groups made a very strong impression on me and determined what music moves me. I will introduce some of those bands here. The first one to give honor is the Soft Machine. It is the first group way out of the mainstream of my youth (Beatles, Kinks), and opened a a much wider look at music. I heard their first album late, Volume 1, at night at a dutch radioprogram (thanks Ad Visser!), at age 16 and was sold. The first line up, Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt, perfomed a strange mix … Continue reading Musical roots: the Soft Machine

Venezuela rondreis, het kan anders

De rondreis door Venezuela, 12-19 april 2007, georganiseerd door Q-International, was best comfortabel. Niet alle delen van Venezuela zijn bezocht. De bergachtige westkant en het begin van de Andes, grote steden zoals Caracas, die zaten er in die 8 dagen niet bij. Comfortabel, want elke nacht een fatsoenlijk bed in een hotel, en niet opgevreten door de insecten. Niet al te lang, in 8 dagen krijg je een goed idee van het oosten, de Orinoco Delta en het fraaie natuurgebied rond Caripe. En ondanks de pittige wandelingen geschikt voor een heer op leeftijd… En heel betaalbaar. Groot gemis in de … Continue reading Venezuela rondreis, het kan anders

Season finale

It is season finale time again. Most of my favorite television series are on vacation. Battlestar Galactica is already finished, SG-1 is finished forever as a series, Atlantis wil continue with Carter in the cast next season. Harry Dresden will also return next year.  Heroes also came to a season finale, much is revealed, enough loose ends left to continue this great show in 2008. Boston Legal is still on for some weeks and so is 4400. Doctor Who with his lovely new companian Martha is doing what Doctor Who is always doing, the Daleks and his other friends pop up everywhere, but mostly in Londen. … Continue reading Season finale

Nostalgia: where it all started

When I was 12 year I have built a crystal radio, a simple to construct kit made by Philips, called Pionier Junior 1. And that started really my fascination for technical things. The device itself was very simple, the booklet described in terms understandable for a 12 year how it worked. It not only made me listen to the radio, in bed, late at night, to music and plays, I wanted to know more! See my website how the Philips kits gave me more. Of course the original kit was not preserved, some components here and there. I have collected … Continue reading Nostalgia: where it all started

Tools, tools, tools, my favorites

Over the years I have used computers to get things done, either professionally or for my personal use.Computers have exapnded to more areas, so have my tools. Some jobs remain the same, many new possibities have been added. So here are my favorite tools: Computers Notebooks are the way of the future it seems. Bulky minitowers are for gamers, for the rest they are too noisy, too large and a waste of space.My current notebooks are DELL Latitude, though I manage to change once in every two years (some one has to test the new model…). Operating system Windows XP … Continue reading Tools, tools, tools, my favorites


If you visit my webpage, it will become clear nostalgia plays a big role nowadays in my interests. Old electronic kits like the Philips Pionier and EE8 and also my first computer, the KIM-1. I still have that old dinosour, and it still is in working condition, with all its expansions. KIM-1 single board computers are now hard to find and real collector value, I have several revisions in my collection. Now everybody can own a KIM-1 at a very reasonable price! Vince Briel is developing the micro-KIM, with nearly identical specifications and also a SBC. Cant wait to have … Continue reading micro-KIM

A new camera

I was quite pleased with the Canon Powershot 420 I took with me to Venezuela. After the first day I switched form the inferior Fuji E500 to this conventient camera and it served me well the rest of the vacation in Venezuela. Since this camera was meant for my friend in Venezuela, I shipped it to Caracas on my last day in Porlamar. So I was in the market for a new camera. Canon is my choice of manufacturer, though I am still pleased with my Casio QV400. What I wanted was: A small camera to travel with, no bulky … Continue reading A new camera